The Procure2Pay and Accounts Payable business processes offer significant opportunities for cost reduction through greater use of automation. Increased electronic invoicing by suppliers has eased the transition and Redwaire“s Oracle Validated AP Automation solution built on the proven & integrated Oracle Webcenter platform makes it quick & easy to implement for a rapid return


  • Reduce the Processing Cost Per Invoice
  • Maximise Supplier Discounts
  • Improve Supplier Relationships
  • Exercise more control over Procurement Spending

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Reducing the cost of Invoice Processing

Increased automation improves the number of invoices that can be processed by an AP Team by removing much of the manual intervention, errors & duplication. Best in class companies using automation can see reductions of 60% in per invoice costs.

Maximise Supplier Discounts

The opportunity for obtaining early payment discounts from suppliers can be lost by slow , manual payment processes. AP Automation ensures that invoices are processed with minimum delay , tracking events such as approvals and highlighting the current status through the dashboard to identify those at risk.

Better Supplier Relationships

Suppliers are frequently frustrated by slow or inaccurate responses to their enquiries. AP Automation ensures that the current status is easily available to provide accurate updates and faster processing to build better relationships with suppliers

Improved Control of Procurement

Without an AP Automation solution it is difficult to gain visibility into the current financial position across large numbers of inflight invoices and payments. The dashboards and reporting included in Redfaire“s AP Automation for JD Edwards ensures a consistent approach , increases levels of governance and provides an effective way for Procurement & Finance to collaborate more closely.

Additional features

Awarded Oracle Validated Integration Status
Mobile Access
Easy to Customise Business Processes
Built on Oracle's Proven , Scalable Technology


There’s JDE pain, damned JDE pain and then there’s Analytics

Pain, especially when it comes to JD Edwards application data, can vary from mild to severe. It often begins slowly with the little things, like slow running reports or strange errors, and eventually rises to frozen sessions, login failures and potentially a partial or total ERP system failure.


Redfaire AP Automation - Improve Your AP Process with a Scalable , Real Time Platform

Many organisations are spending more than necessary on their Procure2Pay processes , lack visibility of key metrics and are missing out on key supplier discounts. Analysis has shown that those who have transformed their AP process can achieve savings of up to 50% . Join our webinar to find out how .


Redfaire AP Automation Awarded Oracle Validated Integration Status with JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.1

Redfaire's AP Automation solution has been awarded OVI status by Oracle with JD Edwards