Webinar || Wilt u een supersnel JD Edwards-systeem?

When: Oct 08 2019, 15:30 - Oct 08 2019, 16:30
Location: Online Webinar
Wilt u een supersnel JD Edwards-systeem? | Verbeter uw performance door data-archivering

Why should you worry about ERP data management when storage is so cheap? In this webinar, Redfaire CTO and Redwaire product Architect Barry Yelverton, shows you why having a clear ERP data management strategy makes business sense. Nowadays, the key driver for ERP data archiving projects is operational excellence and agility rather than just cost-savings, though managing your ERP data will also save you money.

Proactively managing your JD Edwards data ensures that you are ready for the next stage of your ERP journey, whether that is an upgrade, a move to the Cloud or adopting a Hybrid Cloud approach. 

Please join us for this webinar where we'll share client stories and results and take you through some ERP data archiving best practices.  Topics covered include:

•    The 6 best steps to avoid ERP data hoarding 
•    The business benefits of strategic data management
•    How to prepare for, and stay code current through effective data archiving 
•    Maintaining optimum application performance 

Remember: JD Edwards is your core business space, not a storage space! 

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