Application testing is a crucial part of the development lifecycle. Insufficient or ineffective testing results in a poor user experience and costly debugging and remedial work. Overly lengthy testing cycles can instead increase the time to market risking the loss of competitive advantage or increased costs.

Without appropriate tools many organisations have to solve the challenge of delivering realistic test data by creating multiple copies of production databases. This has implications both the for the costs of storage used and increasingly the risk of exposure of sensitive data.

  • Built by leading experts in JD Edwards
  • Based on the proven Redwaire Data Archiving* engine
  • Creates data subsets with integrity
  • Sensitive data can be masked

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Simplify Testing Processes

Using data subsets instead of production copies allows developers to have individual environments refreshed independently and carry out testing concurrently. With less coordination needed the testing period can be reduced accelerating the time to market of changes. Restoring test environments can take place more frequently with the smaller subsets of data resulting in less testing time lost.



Reduce costs & increased effectiveness

Synthetic data can reduce the ability to test application changes effectively , assumptions and poor data can result in lower levels of code coverage.  Using masked subsets of production data allows testing to make use of realistic data but avoids the high costs associated with creating & managing full size copies.

Avoid exposure of sensitive data

A number of highly publicised data breaches were due to the exposure of production data being stored in relatively insecure testing environments. To reduce the risks those items that contain sensitive information should me masked . Our Test Data Management solution masks data within the subsets being created which greatly reduces the risk of unintentional exposure of sensitive information

Designed for JD Edwards

Our Test Data Scenarios have been designed specifically for JD Edwards customer testing requirements. The delivered configuration scenarios can be easily adapted to reflect technical and functional requirements enabling customer users to be autonomous and secure with Test Environment activities.

Additional features

Available by licence or by subscription.
Looking to archive data for an end of life application? Take a look at the Redfaire Application Retirement Service, an easy way to eliminate no longer needed hardware & software whilst preserving data still required.

*Redwaire Data Archiving is configured for JD Edwards using the Redwaire JDE Module and the ARCTOOLS® Module for JD Edwards.
ARCTOOLS® is a registered trademark of DCSoftware, Inc © 2018. All rights reserved.


There’s JDE pain, damned JDE pain and then there’s Analytics

Pain, especially when it comes to JD Edwards application data, can vary from mild to severe. It often begins slowly with the little things, like slow running reports or strange errors, and eventually rises to frozen sessions, login failures and potentially a partial or total ERP system failure.


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Redfaire AP Automation Awarded Oracle Validated Integration Status with JD Edwards Enterprise One 9.1

Redfaire's AP Automation solution has been awarded OVI status by Oracle with JD Edwards